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光伏行業  PV Industry


Test Phase Designation Test Equipment / Model 
UL1703, 19 Temperature Test EP series DC power 
    High Temperature Oven / DDO-0198H
UL1703, 21 Leakage Current Test High resistance tester 
UL1703, 22 Strain Relief Test Servo Control System Universal Testing Machine / FTA-10K
UL1703, 26 Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test Electrical safety compliance analyzer
UL1703, 27 Wet Insulation-Resistance Test High resistance tester 
UL1703, 28 Reverse Current Overload Test EP series DC power 
UL1703, 30 Impact Test/Low Temperature Impact Test Impact tester / UJM2069
UL1703, 33 Water Spray Test UL RAIN SPRAY TEST APPARATUS / RTA-01
UL1703, 34 Accelerated Aging Test High Temperature Oven / DDO-0198H
UL 486A-486B, 9.3 Static Heating Sequence  
9.3.1 Static heating test  60 Hz test current / (12AWG/35A;10AWG/50A)
9.3.2 Secureness test  Secureness tester :UCM-2068
9.3.3 Repeated Static heating test   
9.3.4  Pull out test Servo Control System Universal Testing Machine / FTA-10K
EN50548:5.3.8 Mechanical strength at lower temperatures Spring Hammer / TCJM-1071
EN50548: Flammability test or approval of manufacturer of material Vertical Flame Tester / RE-4001-UL94
EN50548:5.3.14  Glow wire test Glow Wire Tester / RE-4002
EN50548:5.3.13 Ball pressure test Ball pressure tester / TJM-1068; 
    High Temperature Oven / DDO-0198H
EN50548:A3 Polarisation IEC61032 test probe 11/TP-11; Electrical Contact Indicator/TPS-01 
EN50548:5.14 Cable Anchorage Cable Anchorage Tester / TCJM-1071
EN50548:5.3.18 Bypass diode thermal test Bypass diode thermal test system
EN50521:B1 Contact resistance NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm Meter
EN50521:6.3.6 bending test Bending Tester/TCM-1072;EP series DC power
EN50521:6.3.8 a) Impulse withstand voltage Impulse voltage tester
EN50521: IP code  1.DUST TEST CHAMBER / DCT-100